Feedback from our clients
“I have worked with Mark on focus group and survey work . His background knowledge and deep insights help us make the most of any research, allowing us to understand not only what people do but why they do it.” Willie Sullivan

Director, Electoral Reform Society Scotland

“I have worked with Mark across a range of services to provide a range of qualitative and quantitative insight for Shelter Scotland. It’s vital for us to know how we are perceived by target audience groups and Mark has always provided an efficient service that, crucially, delivers meaningful and useful insight to help inform our work. Mark has a first rate understanding of Scotland’s political, cultural and public policy environments which helps and important context for informing our work.” Adam Lang

Head of Communications & Policy, Shelter Scotland

“I worked with Mark over a period of time. I always found him to be a rigorous analyst who provided penetrating and objective insights.” The Lord Dunlop

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Scotland Office) 2015-2017

“Mark is one of Scotland’s foremost political pollsters and analysts. Through a period of huge political change through referendums and elections, he has kept his finger on the pulse of Scottish voters and provides STV with expert analysis and commentary.’” Bernard Ponsonby

Political Editor, Scottish Television

“Mark’s insights and experience on a range of political issues including Brexit and Scottish independence are incredibly helpful and useful for us as we plan ahead to identify and understand the risks facing the bank.” Michael Crow

Head of UK Regional Public Affairs, RBS

“Mark is adept at drawing out killer insights from complex data. He combines research and policy expertise with a refreshing ability to communicate in plain English”. Andrew Baird

Director, the Big Partnership, public relations and digital communications agency

“Mark has contributed to both Holyrood magazine and Holyrood events. He brings a respected and authoritative voice which compliments Holyrood’s reputation for in-depth policy analysis and non-partisan political intelligence and I would have no hesitation in recommending his work to others. Mark is someone I seek out to discuss the ever shifting political landscape and to gain an inside track on what Scots are really thinking.Mandy Rhodes

Managing Director, Holyrood Communications

 “First-class service and have recommended your services to others.” Public sector client


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